Is Sleeping Late at Night Making You Fat?

Any adult or teen having the typical late night bedtime habit will tend to put on more weight eventually. This is what the health experts are saying. A research result published in October 2015 clearly pointed out that going to bed early is one of the healthiest habits that both teens and adults should follow for weight management. Weight loss is hard as it needs a gradual and consistent approach to living a healthy lifestyle. And quality sleep is one of the crucial parts of a healthy lifestyle. How good you sleep and how long you sleep, both are equally important for maintaining an ideal BMI.


BMI is Body Mass Index. A person’s weight as per his height is measured in BMI. Usually, if you’re in the range of 18.5 to 25.9, your BMI will be called perfect. A weight that is more than this ideal BMI range gradually turns into obesity. And obesity, as you know, is the reason for tons of health problems.


One thing to remember here is that you will never see any quick impact of lack of sleep. But that doesn’t mean that this habit is harmless. The long term result of this bad habit has been seen to be very undesirable. For example, to see how lack of sleep causes obesity in the long run and get some solid evidence, researchers conducted the study on 3,300 adults and youths. During the study, researchers found that every one hour of sleep loss caused 2.1 point increase in the BMI of the participants. And the overall weight increase happened over a period of five years. So if you’ve been thinking that lack of sleep isn’t making any change in your health, or it doesn’t make a big difference, that’s wrong.


Mood disorder, eating disorder and the tendency to skipping breakfast are seen more in children and adults who stay up very late in night. Not to forget that these are very serious triggers of obesity. Skipping breakfast is a very bad idea as it can ruin your whole weight loss plan.


So, lack of sleep is not good for anyone. Sleep has a direct relation with your body’s metabolic function. Sleep deprivation can hurt your body’s metabolic function. And a poor metabolic functions is the leading cause of weight gain in children and adults. This is the reason why teens and adults looking for healthy weight loss should take care of this lifestyle habit. Besides the fact that unhealthy foods such as fast foods can increase weight, insufficient night sleep can also be equally responsible for weight gain.


Exercise, food control or any other effort will be meaningless if you ignore your poor sleeping habit consistently. Going to bed early is more important for maintaining healthy weight. Children who don’t get enough hours of sleep due to late bedtime habit can suffer a lot of problem including weight gain. The body of a human needs enough sleep to restore energy and repair itself. Researchers observed that late night sleeping habit often turns into lack of sleep for the teens and busy adults. So you must get rid of this habit to immediately to improve the quality of sleep and reduce weight naturally and without much effort.

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