3 Home Remedies to Fight Acne During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, women have a higher chance to get acne. This is something very natural as lots of hormone in their body changes during this time. However, you shouldn’t be disappointed. Acne breakout during pregnancy can be controlled. You just have to know the causes and stay away from the things which can make it worse.

Why Pregnancy Causes Acne?


Why pregnant women get acne? First thing to note is that pregnancy causes hormone changes in the body. The first trimester will make the situation very hard for all pregnant women. There is a hormone called androgen in a woman’s body which, if increases, can cause acne breakout. During pregnancy, a woman’s body produces huge amount of this hormone, which in turn produces more oil on the skin surface. If you don’t clean your skin carefully this time, you will have acne. 

Natural Remedies to Control Acne 

Pregnant women do have remedies to treat this condition. As pregnant women can’t take oral medications or any kind of medical treatment they want, they have to do natural treatment to control and stabilise the skin condition gradually. Here are some of the natural remedies for acne –


  • Lemon Treatment: Lemon has a natural acidic effect which can clean the skin. Instead of buying a lemon based product from the market, you can use fresh lemon to treat acne at home. Cut a lemon in half, squeeze the lemon to get its fresh juice and preserve it in a steal container. You can mix few drops of water to the juice and apply gently on the acne with a cotton ball.


  • Aloe Vera Treatment: Aloe Vera is excellent for the skin. It’s a natural herb which can be used for any kind of skin condition. Prepare an aloe vera gel at home and apply on the acne. You should read more about aloe vera gel and its benefits for the skin. It’s an essential plant to have at home.


  • Essential Oil Treatment: Essential oils are plant and herb extracts. You should get good quality tea tree oil to calm down the skin inflammation. This skin inflammation is a result of bacteria infection. You should get rid of the excess oil and the infection with the help of the natural plant and herb extracts. The skin can absorb these natural solutions well and so the condition improves fast.


 What Not to Do If Youve Acne?

 If you’re pregnant and suffering from severe acne, you should avoid any kind of fast foods which can make the situation worse. You should never put hand on your face, or on the affected zone. It can increase the infection. Never let the skin get too oily. Sleep well and drink lots of water.

Pregnant women can’t do medical treatment for acne. Therefore, it’s absolutely fine to go for natural treatment. And the natural remedies mentioned above are exceptionally beneficial as they also improve the skin health in general.

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  • December 15, 2016 at 12:18 pm

    Tried the lemon treatment and it worked well. Thanks a lot!


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