Home Remedies to Bounce Back from an Abortion

Whatever may be the reason, having an abortion is one the toughest decisions a woman can ever make. Often people say it is difficult to choose between two tough situations; I’m sure it is toughest to let your baby go. Just when a woman gets to know that she is pregnant, she starts getting motherly feelings and there is an instant bonding with the child. To know that there is a life inside of you is simply amazing.

Many a times, women need to make this difficult move for the greater good but sure as hell; they take a lot of time to come out of the trauma. Although getting an abortion is very common nowadays and you can easily get it done at any health care clinic but the loss felt by the woman is simply unimaginable. The decision to abort may be taken at the beginning or after some time, women really feel guilty about it.
Here are some of the reasons that make a woman go for an abortion:

• To end an unwanted pregnancy
• Lack of resources to support a child
• Pregnancy from an unhappy marriage
• Unplanned pregnancy – failure of birth control
• Pregnancy as a result of incest or rape
• Pregnancy that is critical to the mother and/or baby’s life
• To prevent the birth of a physically impaired child
• Scared of the responsibility of rearing a child

In any situation women take the decision to abort their baby with great difficulty. After all, it takes a lot of strength to separate a part of your body from yourselves. Here are a few home remedies to bounce back from an abortion:

1. Get rid of the guilt – You haven’t committed a crime by ending your pregnancy. It was a decision that served the best interest. Taking care of a baby isn’t easy. It requires your full attention. If you cannot handle it, there is no need of feeling guilty about it. You should be convinced yourself that your decision was not incorrect in any way.

2. Get support from your partner – If you feel lonely and sad, tell your partner about it. He may also be going through the same emotions. Spend some time together. Support and comfort each other. Nobody can understand you better than each other.

3. Talk to a friend/sister – If you have a close friend or sister who you can confide in; just talk to them and share your feelings. Your friend or sister will definitely lend an ear and help you to come to terms with this. They will help you to be strong and move forward.

4. Get some entertainment- You definitely need something to make you feel lighter and happier.

• Follow your hobby – Indulge in your hobby. Reading, singing, writing, painting; just do what makes you happy. This will change your mood and divert your thoughts. While you are doing something you like, you feel elated and refreshed.
• Watch a movie – If you like watching movies just visit the nearest cinema hall and watch the latest movie. Alternatively you could also watch an old movie that you love watching. Watch comedy movies to make you laugh.
• Go for an outing – Go for a walk. Collect your thoughts. Give time to yourself. Go for some sightseeing in the city. If possible, take a few days off from work and go for a vacation with your partner. This will help both of you to lighten up and strengthen your relationship.

5. Practice Meditation – Meditation can really help to give you inner strength and peace of mind. You can choose any time that is convenient to you and sit in a quiet place. Pray to god and meditate every day. Meditation helps to reduce your anxiety and gives you a really deeper level of relaxation. Your body feels very light and your circulation also improves.

6. Get healing – Get healing from a certified and experience healer. You can also get reiki healing from a reiki healer. This hand on healing technique clears your thoughts and channelizes the energy. It fills you with positive energy.

7. Do some light exercise or yoga – Do some simple and gentle exercise and yoga asanas without too much stretching. Avoid straining too much. Avoid inversions since these can hurt you. Exercise and/or yoga help to lift your spirit and change your mood.

8. Take adequate rest – Your body is weak and in a vulnerable state. Take ample rest. If the need be take an off from work and sleep as much as you can. If it is hurting badly, you may take the prescribed pain killer medicine or use a heating pad to comfort you.

9. Eat a healthy diet – Eat a healthy, nutritious and light diet. Most doctors avoid eating fried and heavy foods. Drink lots of water and eat fresh salads. Include lots of Vitamin C in your diet to boost your immunity. Eat iron-rich vegetables since you’ve lost some blood and eat eggs, fish and green leafy vegetables.

10. Take a spa – Just visit the salon and get a relaxing spa. It will really rejuvenate you. Get a pedicure and facial and feel better about yourselves. Get a therapist to give you a soothing massage. You can lie on your back and the therapist can massage you gently. It will help to soothe the nerves and make you feel very refreshed.

11. Avoid having intercourse for at least a week – After an abortion, your body does become week and you’re given some medication. Make sure you do not indulge in sexual activity for at least a week after the abortion. This will help to give your body some rest and strength as well.

12. Ensure that you use protection in future and plan your pregnancy – Plan your future course of action. Make sure that you always use protection when you have intercourse. Not only does it help to avoid an unwanted pregnancy but also protects you from getting sexually transmitted diseases. Talk to your partner and plan your pregnancy in advance.

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