Simple Home remedies to Stop Masturbation Addiction

Many a times, both men and women feel aroused in the absence of their partner. Either they are able to ignore that feeling or they get carried away with it. When they cannot control the urge to have intercourse, they stimulate their genitals till the time they get an orgasm. This process is known as Masturbation. As they say, “excess of everything is bad”, it does apply to almost everything including Masturbation. It is very common for men and women to masturbate and it prevalent among all age groups. People usually use their hand to do it but some people might also use some tools to masturbate.

Although it is completely normal to masturbate, medical practitioners are of the opinion that a person should not masturbate more than twice or thrice a week. There are some people who are addicted to masturbation or they just can’t suppress the urge to stimulate themselves. Such people may do it every day and even more than once in a single day. Masturbating too often can cause various side effects such as loss of time, interference with work and hindrance in social life.

Some of the other commonly experienced side effects of masturbation are:

1. Weakness and fatigue
2. Pain in lower back
3. Memory loss
4. Hair loss and/or thinning of hair
5. Leakage of semen (in men)
6. Soft erections (in men)
7. Premature ejaculation (in men)

This compulsive habit might also affect your sexual relations with your partner since you might be aroused only by your own touch. It is better to get rid of this addiction to enjoy a healthy sexual relation with your partner and also avoid the above mentioned side-effects.

Here are a few simple home remedies to stop masturbation addiction:

1. Avoid watching porn – Most people have easy access to porn and this stimulates them to masturbate. Remove all porn CDs and magazines from your shelves and block all sources of porn. You may even block the porn websites from your computer and smart phone. There are various other things that are really interesting to watch. Identify other topics that you like and watch them

2. Eat a healthy and nutritious diet – Eat right and take care of your health. Make sure you get all the nutrients in adequate amounts so that you feel energetic throughout the day. Minimize the intake of alcoholic drinks, red meats, aerated drinks, sweets and caffeine from your diet. Eat lots of nuts, fruits and green leafy vegetables every day.

3. Concentrate on your work – Try to eliminate all the distractions while you’re working and concentrate on your work. Whenever you find your thoughts wondering elsewhere, just tell yourself that you need to focus on your work. If you try, you can definitely control your thoughts and keep them from going astray.

4. Indulge in a sport – Choose any sport and learn it. Practice it and master it. You can also beat your friends to it. This will not only help to keep you fit, but also help you to relieve stress and divert your thoughts elsewhere. It will lift your mood and help you stay happy.

5. Channelize your energy- Do something creative. When a person is able to transform their sexual urges in to something creative, it is known as sublimation. Sing, dance, paint, play a musical instrument or write something. It takes a lot of concentration to produce something creative and this will not let sexual thoughts cross your mind.

6. Dedicate some time to social work – Volunteer to help others in a social cause. There are so many people who are less fortunate than us and who don’t have all the privileges that we have. Help them, teach them and spend time with them. You will feel wonderful and really proud of yourself.

7. Pursue your hobby – If there’s a hobby that you’ve always wanted to pursue, just go for it. Be it cooking, baking, gardening or sculpture, just focus all your attention towards it and cultivate this new skill. You feel a new high.

8. Keep yourself occupied – Most people masturbate during their leisure time. Make a timetable for yourself and keep yourself occupied. Follow your routine religiously and assign some work at regular intervals.

9. Spend time with friends – Meet your friends often. Go shopping or watch a movie. This will help to get rid of loneliness and you’ll stay positive and happy. After a while the only addiction you’ll have is to meet friends!

10. Don’t be guilty – Don’t punish yourself for masturbating since it is completely normal and healthy to do so. Just persuade yourself that you shouldn’t do it very often. Some people are able to do it fast while others take time. Just be gentle with yourself.

11. Exercise regularly – dedicate some time to exercise every day as this will use up some of your energy and you’ll not feel the need to masturbate so often. Appropriate physical activity will help you to stay fit and also leave you exhausted by the end of the day. When the urge is irresistible, take a long brisk walk.

12. Do not sit in your bedroom for long hours – Research has shown that people find it very comfortable to masturbate when they are sitting in their bedroom. Limit your bedroom time. Leave the room every time you feel the urge to masturbate. Move around, take a walk or run errands and distract yourself from disturbing thoughts. If you have to sit, sit at a chair and work. Sit in the company of others so that you feel conscious and don’t masturbate.

13. Meditate – Pray and meditate to release tension. This will relax your body and rejuvenate your thoughts. Read religious and spiritual books or other books to help you divert your thoughts. Think about the people who are close to you and how they’d feel if they got to know about this. Yoga and deep breathing are also helpful in relieving stress and anxiety.
Stopping masturbation addiction or any addiction, for that matter, is a slow process. It won’t just dawn upon you one fine morning. So, be patient and give yourself time to let go of this habit.

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