Simple Home Remedies to Improve Your Stamina for Sex

When men are unable to last longer, they get dissatisfied and it also affects their partner. Your partner might not feel like coming close to you. If boredom sets in the bedroom, a relationship might become too monotonous and one only spends time on the day-to-day activities. Many a marriages have suffered due to lack of intimacy and passion. It is very important to keep the spark alive if you want to remain happily together.

It is really frustrating to be unable to provide sexual gratification to your partner who is everything you wanted and more importantly, she is ready to make love to you. Men feel detached and guilty when their stamina for sex is less.

What affects your sexual stamina?

There are a host of factors that might be responsible for premature ejaculation. If you’re preoccupied with something else such as erotic scenes; your body obviously responds to those stimuli. You need to be able to focus on the present situation and your partner.
Your diet and fitness also play an important role. If you aren’t eating well enough or are not active, you are more prone to having less stamina for sex. Too much alcohol consumption has also been linked to premature ejaculation. Exertion and too much work leave you fatigued and tensed and then you don’t have much stamina for sex.

But don’t worry. Worrying and feeling guilty has never been the solution to any problem. In fact, it can worsen the problem. Stop punishing yourself for this and start working towards a better climax. The first thing that you need to do is to talk to your partner and make her aware about it. Make her understand and tell her that you are making efforts to improve.

Here are a few ways to improve your sexual stamina:

1. Stay away from stress – Stress affects you both physically and mentally. You feel weak and fatigued. If you’re not in a happy mood, you’re not going to be aroused. Try to stay happy so that you can make the most of it. Stress also affects the blood circulation of your penis. Meditate and relax to get inner peace and keep stress at bay.

2. Avoid consuming alcohol in excess – If you consume alcohol regularly and in excess quantities, your responses are delayed. Alcohol also affects the speed of your sexual responses. Alcohol can lead to erectile dysfunction in men. Women who consume alcohol excessively experience a lot of dryness and they are not able to get an orgasm easily. It suppresses the pleasure and makes the orgasms less intense.

3. Eat proteins amply – Eating ample amount of proteins can increase your sexual stamina a great deal. Proteins help to increase a person’s desire to have sex and also the frequency of having sex. Ensure that you eat proteins in sufficient amounts. Proteins also supply essential amino acids to our body which help to keep us healthy. Include fish, eggs, chicken and milk products in your daily diet.

4. Eat a nutritious diet – What goes in your tummy also determines your stamina for sex. A weak body will of no use when you wish to show your wild side to your partner. Eat a nutritious and well-balanced diet regularly. Include lots of green leafy vegetables, fruits and lean meats in your diet. Avoid foods that contain saturated fats and artificial sugars. Try and maintain a healthy body weight. Both underweight and overweight persons find it difficult to enjoy sex and to make their partner happy because they become exhausted very fast.

5. Get enough sleep – A sleepy body also comes in the way of great sex. Getting insufficient amount of sleep kills your libido and also makes you feel physically exhausted. If you want to have an active and enjoyable sex life, you must get enough sleep every night. Make sure that you always catch up on your sleep so that you have the energy to enjoy sex.

6. Exercise regularly – Sexual activity requires a person to be healthy, fit and active. Make sure you exercise for some time every day to become fit and active. Stretching and squatting is of utmost importance. Strength training is very useful to increase your sexual stamina. Regular exercise will not only keep you healthy; it will also improve blood circulation and give you a positive self image.

7. Take time for foreplay – Sex should not be treated as a task which needs to be finished fast. You must cuddle and pamper your partner and indulge in foreplay to enjoy great sex. Kissing and hugging, playing and using sexual toys can help a lot. Not only does it increase the sexual pleasure; it also increases the duration of enjoyment. Do not be in a hurry. Take one step at a time. Caress your partner and stroke her hair. This will help to increase the stimulation and leave them wanting or more.

8. Change your position and experiment – Variety is needed in every aspect of everyday life. Change is needed else everything becomes boring. Change your sexual positions more often. Experiment and find new ways of arousing her. Make her feel special and talk mushy. This will help to increase your stamina and make the whole sexual act very interesting.

9. Use a climax delaying condom – if you’re used to wearing a condom, try ones that delay the climax. These are slightly thicker condoms which reduce the sensitivity and help to delay the orgasm and give you more time for penetration. You can also try other variations that increase the stimulation and pleasure.

10. Have sex more often and masturbate – Last but not the least, increase the frequency of sex. When you’re working to improve something, you need to practice often to improve your performance. Doing this will help you to learn what pleases your partner the most and it will also help to improve your stamina or sex. Masturbate often. This helps to train the pelvic muscles to control the climax. Masturbating also helps you to identify your body’s pleasure zones.

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