Can Tobacco Craving Lead to Early Menopause, Infertility?

A woman’s body is vulnerable to tobacco shock. According to science, tobacco can have so much bad effect on women body that it can even cause infertility and early menopause. This is according to the findings from a recent observation study. Scientists have warned women across the globe regarding prolonged tobacco consumption or exposure to secondhand smoking. Be careful if you’re in a direct exposure to any kind of tobacco product or smoking habit.


Virtually, giving up on a smoking habit seems impossible. But see, how the nicotine addiction gradually poisons you and make you vulnerable to unwanted health concerns. Tobacco is potential enough to interfere with women’s hormone production.


The damaging effect of nicotine can become irreversible if you tend to ignore the problem for a very long time. Scientists say that tobacco can damage the production of egg cells permanently. So if a woman has any plan for future pregnancy, she should stay away from tobacco exposure at any cost. What else? If you’re planning pregnancy and you’re directly or indirectly exposed to tobacco or smoking, it can also damage the embryo before implantation. This can turn into many serious problems as important and supportive functions of pregnancy will be disturbed.


To get into the crux of the matter, scientists did a research on 88,000 women. They closely monitored the fertility effect of these women. Also, they examined 80,000 women to track their natural onset of menopause to see the effect of aging. And what they found? They found that both active and passive smokers, who were the participants, developed infertility and experienced menopause before they age 50.


The result is a clear evidence of the fact that smoking always have an ill effect on health. Researchers found that women, who themselves never smoked, but lived with an active smoker for more than 10 years or so, were 18 per cent more likely to experience infertility and early menopause. This is an warning sign. Researchers expect to conduct more studies to investigate the cause and effect relation.


Women irrespective of their age should always be cautious about smoking. The study provides a solid reason to fear the ill effects of this addiction. Smoking is highly potential to cause birth defects. Earlier studies on this aspect found that smoking caused premature birth, infant death, low birth weight in many cases. So scientists are advising women to take medical help or counselling to know more about the health hazards it causes. It doesn’t matter whether you smoke or not. Any constant exposure to tobacco has been seen to be dangerous for women.


So, before you think that getting rid of active or passive smoking is very hard, give it a second thought. It’s not that you will be at a risk if you’re an active smoker. You will also see its vicious impact if you’re a passive smoker. This means, if you’re inhaling tobacco smoke on a regular basis as you co-live with an active smoker, this can also cause you serious concerns.

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