Can High Sugar Intake Leads to Breast Cancer?

Teens and adults, who have been eating a lot of sugary food, must consider reducing their sugar intake immediately. Once again a recent scientific study has confirmed the fact that excess sugar consumptions can be a potential reason for increased risk of breast cancer in women. Researchers have found evidence that clearly show sugar intake in the form of cookies, soft drinks, cakes, candy, syrup, etc. can encourage cancer cell growth in the body. Too much sugar is so bad for health that it can eventually promote the growth of tumor cells in the breast and can trigger many health risks.


As scientists have always been doubtful about the role of sugar in promoting health issues in humans for ages, they decided to conduct another animal research to see if it has anything to do with cancer also. Lot has been said about the dangers of excess sugar intake in the past. Not only sugar is bad for your teeth and obesity, it also has a significant contribution in promoting worse health problems like cancer. Excess consumption of sugar has been found to cause different types of cancer.


Scientists divided mice in four different groups, as they had to give them four different types of diet containing various portions of sugar. During the study, scientists fed fructose and sucrose to mice. They gave them sugar as much as a western diet usually are found to have and observed the mice over a period of 6 months.


The result was quite scary. Mice which were fed sugary food equal to a western diet were seen with tumor growth and spread of lung cancer. 50 to 58 per cent of mice which were on sucrose rich diet were identified with mammary tumor. Around 30 per cent of the mice, which were fed non sugar starch based food, were seen to develop measurable tumor.


Your body cells, brain and muscles need sugar to meet the need of energy. So glucose is not really that bad. But, the problem starts when there is too much of it in the blood. If there is too much sugar in the pancreas, it might make the body insulin resistant. When the body becomes insulin resistant, you become diabetic. It also means that your liver can’t metabolise the sugar efficiently and so it remains unused in the blood for a long time. Too much glucose in the blood gradually turns into fat. So, unused glucose in the blood turns into fat and increases belly fat over time. Increased belly fat is a sign of poor health as it increases the risk of cancer.


This is how the whole thing happens. Excess sugar consumption is like an addiction. More you have it, the more you would like to consume it. So, excess sugar isn’t good for you. Scientists say that women ideally shouldn’t have more than 6 teaspoon of sugar in a day. Likewise, men shouldn’t have 9 teaspoon of sugar in a day. Unfortunately, when you eat too much cookies, cakes, donuts,, etc. you cross this recommended sugar intake range and increase health risks. So consider removing all sugary foods from your diet today and live a healthier life.

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