Home Remedies to Cure Bedwetting in 4 years old and above

Bedwetting is a very common condition in small children. Since their nervous system is immature and they might not be able to communicate that they need to use the washroom at night, they tend ten to urinate in bed while sleeping. Although most children learn bladder control with practice and encouragement, but many children pass urine while sleeping till the age of six years.

What causes bedwetting?

Parents find it frustrating, irritating and inconvenient and scold the child but they must understand that children don’t do this intentionally. Bedwetting can be caused due to a host of factors such as:

• Immature bladder
• Small bladder
• Diabetes
• Urinary tract infection
• Stress
• Anemia
• Excessive production of urine
• Epilepsy
• Hormonal imbalance

In rare cases, bedwetting may be caused due to mental trauma or emotional distress that the child might be subjected to. Bedwetting can also be hereditary.

The best cures for bedwetting

Most children stop bedwetting as they grow older and have an active social circle. They don’t want to be embarrassed when they are in the company of friends. Your constant guidance and support can help your child to stop bedwetting with the best home cures:

1. Indian gooseberry – Commonly known as amla, Indian gooseberry is often used as an Ayurvedic medicine due to its high Vitamin C content. It is also a great remedy to control bedwetting. Cut and mash two Indian gooseberries and add a pinch of turmeric along with a tablespoon of honey to it. Mix well and make your child eat this every morning. The pulp of Amla mixed with a little black pepper powder can also be given to the child.

2. Cinnamon – Cinnamon is a very common Indian herb which is used to season various dishes. This herb with a sharp taste is known to keep the body warm and this makes it one of the most effective remedies to control bedwetting. Since cinnamon has a sweet and sharp taste, it can easily be combined with some powdered sugar. Mix equal amounts of powdered cinnamon and sugar and sprinkle on a bread toast. Your child will definitely like it. Alternately you can give a small piece of the cinnamon bark to your child every day and make him/her chew it.

3. Jaggery – Most of us like to eat something sweet after a meal and eating a piece of jaggery is very common in Indian households. It helps to digest the food and makes the body feel warm. You can make your child eat a small piece of jiggery with some warm milk every morning. Jaggery will help to keep the body warm and this will help to solve the problem of bedwetting.

4. Raisins and walnuts – Most children love to eat dry fruits. Well, if your child likes raisins and walnuts, you need not look for a separate remedy for bedwetting. Make your child eat 4-5 raisins and 2 walnuts before sending him/her to bed. Keep giving raisins and walnuts to your child until the frequency of bedwetting is reduced.

5. Massage – Massaging the abdomen helps to strengthen the bladder muscles and helps the child gain better bladder control. Just heat some olive oil till it is lukewarm and easy to tolerate or the child. Massage it on the lower abdomen of your child for a few minutes. You can massage very day till the problem of bedwetting is solved.

6. Mustard Seeds – Mustard seeds contain antimicrobial properties and they help to treat all kinds of urinary tract infections. They are also an effective remedy for bedwetting. Just mix half teaspoon powdered mustard seeds in one cup warm milk and make your child drink it ever night an hour before sleeping.

7. Bladder stretching exercises – An immature bladder can be trained using bladder stretching exercises. Not only do these exercises help to increase the urine holding capacity of the bladder, they stretch the muscles which let out the urine from the bladder. They help to strengthen the muscles of the bladder and help the child to have better control of their bladder. Make your child tighten the pelvic muscles and hold it for about 10 seconds. Repeat this exercise after a gap of five minutes so that the pelvis gets time to rest. You can also make your child practice holding on to urine for 2-3 minutes since this helps to increase urine- holding capacity. Make sure you inform the child that holding the urine for a long time can lead to pain in the abdomen and also cause bacterial infections.

8. Cranberry Juice – Although most doctors recommend that children do not drink water or any other liquids before going to sleep, however, cranberry juice can be consumed at night since it prevents urine formation. It helps to gain bladder control and also helps to cure infections of the urinary tract. You can make your child drink one cup fresh cranberry juice before sleeping. Continue to give the juice till the problem is solved.

Apart from the above remedies, parents must help their child by practicing the following healthy practices:

• Make the child eat a healthy diet
• Make your child use the washroom ever hour
• Prompt and encourage them to communicate whenever they wish to pass urine
• Make it a point to go to the washroom before going to bed
• Praise your child each time he/she communicates a urine sensation correctly and uses the washroom
• Do not scold your child when he/she passes urine in their underpants
• Most importantly, remember that bedwetting cannot be solved within 2-3 days. You would need to be patient and motivate your child constantly.

As a matter of fact, our bladder muscles become weak as we grow old. Incontinence is very common during old age. In old age, human beings unlearn all the lessons that they have learnt during childhood. So, if you have small children or your old parents in the house, who suffer from incontinence, show compassion towards them and treat them with love!

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