10 Ways to Heal Frequent Nose Bleed in Kids

Children between the ages of two and ten are prone to frequent nose bleeding which is really alarming for the parents and caretakers. Although these seem to be very scary, they usually do not cause any harm. The blood vessels at the surface or front portion of our nose are very thin and are really vulnerable. The nose of young children is really fragile and the blood vessels can rupture quite easily.

Why are the causes of nose bleeding in children?

Children can get bleeding from the nose due to the following reasons:
• Sneezing vigorously
• Picking the nose
• Inhalation of ammonia
• Injury on the nose
• Sinus
• Nasal passage getting blocked due to foreign particles
• Due to a sudden change in one’s altitude
• Uncontrollable cold
• Getting exposed to dry heat for a long time
• Allergies
• Nasal surgery

Symptoms of a Bleeding Nose

Many a times, bleeding may not become visible for a long time but it might have started occurring in the nose. Here are some symptoms which are indicative of a bleeding nose:

• Swelling of cheeks and nose
• Presence of reddish-brown particles on the wipes
• Reddish brown colored mucus in the nose
• Sensation of a fluid in the nose and/or throat

Although most nose bleeds are harmless but if a child gets bleeding in the nose more than two or three times a week, it is advisable to consult an E.N.T. specialist since it might be sign of a more serious illness.

For an occasional nose bleed, one can try one of the following home remedies:

1. Apply lemon juice – Lemon juice is a very useful ingredient in your kitchen and its high Vitamin C content makes it a great natural remedy for controlling bleeding from the nose. It helps to strengthen the blood capillaries inside the nose. Just put 2-3 drops of freshly squeezed lemon juice in each nostril. It might sting a bit but the bleeding will stop.

2. Rinse the nose with saline water – Many people use saline water to clear a blocked nose. Saline water is also helpful in case of nose bleeding. It helps to reduce the irritation in the membranes of the nose and calms and moisturizes the inner linings of the nose. Add 1/4th teaspoon of salt to half cup water. Mix it well and put 2-3 drops of this water in each nostril. This remedy is very useful when you are in extremely cold or dry climate.

3. Use ice – Ice cubes wrapped in a cloth pressed on the nasal bridge helps to stop bleeding within a few minutes. The cold temperature makes the blood vessels of the nasal passage to shrink and thus the flow of blood slows down. When applying the ice pack, sit upright and tilt your head backwards.

4. Holy basil – Popularly known as Tulsi in Hindi, Holy Basil is considered to be one of the most important medicinal herbs in India. Not only does it act as a tonic for the nerves, but it also helps to remove phlegm from the bronchial tubes. It helps to stop the bleeding and soothe the stressed nerves. Just apply a few drops of the leaves of holy basil and apply on both the nostrils. You may also chew some fresh basil leaves.

5. Use Cayenne pepper – Although this might seem surprising but the spicy cayenne pepper you use to season your dishes is also an effective treatment for stopping nose bleeds. It helps the blood to coagulate faster and adjust the blood flow to the vessels. Due to the presence of Vitamin C in it, Cayenne pepper strengthens the blood capillaries. Just mix a teaspoon of cayenne pepper to a glass of warm water and drink it every day to prevent nose bleeds.

6. Nettle – Nettle is widely known for its medicinal properties. It possesses astringent properties, which help to slow down the blood flow and speed up the process of clotting of blood. Just apply 1-2 drops of the juice of the nettle leaf on each nostril. Dry powdered nettle leaves can be inhaled to stop bleeding from the nose. Nettle leaf can be added to boiling water and this water can be consumed like tea if you suffer from frequent nose bleeding.

7. Apply petroleum jelly – The viscous petroleum jelly not only helps to keep your skin moisturized, it can also help to keep the nasal passages moist. Applying petroleum jelly is the best way to keep the nasal passages moist during the dry months and this helps to prevent nose bleeds. One can apply a little jelly on both the nostrils as many times as required but make sure you use only a miniscule quantity.

8. Inhale the fumes of an onion – Onions are loaded with various nutrients and are an effective natural treatment for nose bleeds. They contain a compound which acts as a clotting agent and stops nose bleeding. Onions are also a rich source of Vitamin C, which strengthens the capillaries. Just cut an onion into thick slices. Now press one slice of the onion under your nostrils and inhale its fumes. Do this for 5-10 minutes and the bleeding will stop. 2-3 drops of freshly squeezed onion juice can also be put in each nostril.

9. Place a humidifier in the room – In very dry climate, one can place a humidifier in the room. It helps to add moisture to the air and keeps the nasal passages moist. Clean the humidifier regularly to avoid dust particles in the air. Turn it off in the morning and open all the doors and windows to allow fresh air to take the place of room air.

10. Coriander – Coriander is known for the delectable aroma that it lends to dishes. Coriander also contains medicinal properties and the leaves of coriander contain various minerals and vitamins. It is often used as an Ayurvedic medicine. It contains antihistamine properties, which help to prevent any allergy which might lead to bleeding from the nose. Take a few drops of coriander oil and apply them on the inner linings of the nose.

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