Home Remedies to Stop Pornography Addiction

Tired after a few hours of work, he just surfed his smart phone and clicked on You tube. After looking at a random video, he typed ‘erotic scenes’. Suddenly his back started aching and he sat up, stopped the video and looked at the time. It had already been two hours and he said to himself, “just a last one and then I’ll get back to work!” He finally got back to work another hour later when he received a call from his boss.

Addiction to pornography is like a vicious circle. Once you fall in to its trap, it’s very difficult to get back on the track. When a person is addicted to porn, he/she spends hours watching porn and doesn’t realize the amount the time that is lost. Porn addiction is a serious problem that engulfs you and affects your personal and professional life.

In the beginning, you just start by watching porn for some time out of curiosity and after a while you have no clue how time flies by. People don’t watch porn just because they feel erotic or desperate but many use it as a way to relax. When their mind is clouded with thoughts and they can’t think of a solution to a problem; they start watching porn.

The easy availability of porn through the internet is also responsible for this increasing problem. One can easily watch porn through You tube on a smart phone or laptop without going anywhere. Most of the times, it doesn’t require any identification and so anyone can access it from anywhere.

How do you know you’re addicted to porn?

What starts as a small means of entertainment and de-stressing technique soon takes the form of an addiction. There is a very thin line that demarcates people who watch porn only occasionally and those who are completely addicted to porn.

Let’s see the signs that indicate you’re addicted to porn:

1. Losing track of time – Most people who are addicted to porn lose all track of time while they’re at it. They might not even realize that an entire night has passed and they would have to go to work without getting any sleep. Due to this, a lot of their personal chores and office work suffers.

2. Detachment from social life – Addiction to porn makes people detached from their social circle. They are too engaged in porn that they ignore people’s invites just to stay at home more often. They may make silly excuses to avoid meeting people and this gives them more time for watching porn.

3. Imitating porn scenes – When a person is too much in to porn, he/she often tries to imitate the actions of porn stars and will expect the same from their partner. The unaware partner who would not be able to reciprocate in the same manner might also cause the addict to get irritated and annoyed.

4. Not feeling connected to your partner – Too much porn also takes away the excitement from your sex life. It depletes your libido and you get desensitized to external arousal.

Ways to overcome porn addiction

You need to act fast when you want to overcome your addiction to porn. Understand that it is affecting your professional life and your relationships. Moreover, it can be accessed by your kids too and you definitely don’t want them to get uncensored information in such a manner.

Here are a few ways to overcome your porn addiction:

1. Accept your addiction and that you want to quit – The most important thing when you want to quit is your acceptance that you are addicted to porn. If you do not accept it and acknowledge it, you’ll never get around quitting it. Along with the acceptance, the decision to quit should come from within. You just can’t quit unless you want to do it.

2. Spend time with friends – Spend time in the company of your friends and relatives. Talk about the usual stuff, dine out, joke and have a gala time. This will help you to block the urge to watch porn. Do this regularly so that you realize the importance of friends and family members and feel like meeting them often.

3. Keep away from the internet – Once in a while turn off the internet and just focus on your work. No phone, no laptop, just spend time walking in your garden. Enjoy the natural beauty and play with your kids (if any).

4. Spend time doing other things that you enjoy – take time to pursue your hobby and other such things that you enjoy doing. Try something you’ve never done before. Take an adventure trip. Go for river rafting and bungee jumping. Get a makeover. Go shopping.

5. Focus on your partner – You definitely don’t need any video to make you feel inclined towards your partner. If you love each other, you’ll definitely feel attracted to each other and get aroused. Just focus on your partner and pamper and caress each other the way each of you enjoys it the most.

6. Talk to your partner – Tell your partner about your problem honestly and request them to help you. You partner might feel awkward and shocked or even cheated but eventually they will help you out.

7. Block porn from your devices – Set up filters and block porn from your laptop and smart phone using a password. With electronic devices always available to a person, the temptation to watch porn for a little while cannot be curbed without a password.

8. Get rid of all porn stuff – Delete all videos, erotic images, porn clips from your smart phone and laptop. Take out all porn magazines that are hidden under the bookshelf, in the washroom or in the closet and throw them in a dustbin.

9. Consult a therapist – If the above remedies do not work, take the help of a therapist. If you feel hesitant to meet one in public, you can always consult a therapist online. That way you can get a solution to your problem without making it known to anyone.

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