Home Remedies to Control Anemia

Blood is the most important fluid of the human body which circulates in the body 24*7 as it transports oxygen and nutrients to all parts of the body and eliminates the waste from the body. Hemoglobin is the most essential part of the blood. If a person’s blood doesn’t contain sufficient quantity of hemoglobin, he/she is said to be anemic. Abnormal hemoglobin is also another cause of anemia. Anemia can be caused due to various reasons such as:

• Blood loss
• Destruction of healthy red blood cells
• Production of faulty red blood cells in the body
• Nutritional deficiency – iron, Vitamin B12 and folic acid

Blood loss can be caused due to various reasons such as intestinal disorders, pregnancy and menstruation in women, bleeding disorders and ulcers.

How do you know you are anemic?

Many people, especially women, small children and elderly people have a higher chance of being anemic. Women lose a lot of blood during menstruation and their body requires more blood during pregnancy. Infants might be anemic due to heredity. Small children often do not get enough nutrition and become anemic. Elderly people might become anemic due to nutritional deficiencies but they might not be aware of it. Here are some symptoms of anemia which you should always look out for:

• Fatigue
• Dark circles under the eyes
• Brittle nails
• Pale skin
• Hair loss
• Shortness of breath
• Dizziness
• Frequent headaches
• Palpitations in the heart
• Chest pain
• Lack of concentration

If you are anemic, all parts of your body will not get enough oxygen. It definitely is a big reason to worry but before you spend your hard earned money in getting supplements from a medical practitioner, you can try some of our home remedies to control anemia:

1. Apple- beetroot juice – Perhaps most of us are already aware about the high content of iron in apples and this makes it an apt ingredient for controlling anemia. Beetroot is full of various minerals such as folic acid, potassium, calcium, sulfur, fiber and vitamins. It is highly nutritious and it also has a cleansing action in the body.
Tip – Blend an apple along with a beetroot in a juicer and drink this juice every day. You can also add carrots and other fruits and vegetables to your juice for more value.

2. Spinach – Include this dark green leafy vegetable in your diet to derive various vitamins and minerals, especially iron. It helps to boost your energy and is a great cure for anemia.
Tip – Try and include spinach in your salads and soups. You can prepare a spinach only soup for maximum benefits. This also helps to decrease the oxalic acid in spinach, which doesn’t let the iron get absorbed in the body easily. Spinach juice is equally beneficial and if you find it bitter, just add a teaspoon of honey to it.

3. Sesame seeds – Sesame seeds are tiny seeds that are an important ingredient of so many Indian dishes and they have a crunchy taste. They are very beneficial for people who are anemic. They contain many important minerals namely phosphorus, iron, zinc, magnesium, selenium, calcium and molybdenum. They also have a high content of Vitamin B1.
Tip – Just soak two teaspoon sesame seeds in water or about two hours. Now strain them and crush them to get a fine paste. Add a teaspoon of honey to this paste and mix it well. Consume this mixture twice daily. Black sesame seeds are also very rich in iron. Soak one teaspoon black sesame seeds in lukewarm water or about two hours. Strain the seeds and get the emulsion in a cup. Add a cup of milk and a teaspoon of honey to the cup. Mix it well and drink it every day.

4. Pomegranate – This super food is not only very tasty and refreshing; it is also very healthy or your body. It is packed with calcium, iron, copper and potassium and nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, fats and sugar. It helps to increase hemoglobin in the blood and also increases the number of red blood cells.
Tip – Drink one cup of pomegranate juice daily. Alternatively, you can eat a pomegranate on an empty stomach daily. Yet another way is to eat two teaspoons of pomegranate seed powder with a glass of lukewarm milk once daily.

5. Dates – Dates are relished by people of all ages and they are known for their healing properties. They contain various essential minerals and vitamins. They are great for reducing iron deficiency and controlling anemia.
Tip – Eat a couple of dry dates every morning on an empty stomach and drink a cup of warm milk after that. Just soak some dates in milk overnight and eat these dates the next morning along with the milk.

6. Banana – Bananas contain lots of iron along with many important enzymes which are really helpful in producing hemoglobin and forming new red blood cells. Bananas also contain lots of magnesium which facilitates the production of hemoglobin
Tip – Mash up a banana and eat it with a tablespoon of Indian gooseberry at least twice daily. Eating a ripe banana with a tablespoon of honey two times every day can also do the needful.

7. Fenugreek – Fenugreek has a very high content of iron, which is main component of hemoglobin. Not only does fenugreek help to maintain sufficient levels of iron in the blood, it also helps in the production of new red blood cells. The seeds and the leaves of fenugreek are very helpful in treating anemia.
Tip – Add fenugreek leaves to your salads and soups to make them more nutritious. If you’re fond of eating rice, just add two teaspoons of fenugreek seeds to one cup of rice while cooking and eat these everyday for 2-3 weeks.
If you experience any of the symptoms of anemia, you can get a simple blood test done to confirm whether you’re anemic or not. In case your hemoglobin is low, just follow our home remedies for a while and see the difference yourselves! An iron rich diet can also help in controlling anemia.

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