Best Natural Alternatives of Contraceptive

Birth control is of utmost importance in order to avoid an unwanted pregnancy. If one is not in a position to handle a baby or take care of more than one child at a particular time, it is best to put off a pregnancy than aborting a baby. The market is flooded with different kinds of birth control pills and medical ways of contraception but they are not 100% guaranteed and they can also cause some serious side effects. They cause an imbalance in our hormones and also affect the regularity of menstrual cycles. Getting an abortion is also risky and often it makes it difficult for a woman to conceive after she had undergone an abortion. There are many natural alternatives of contraceptives that can save you from an unwanted pregnancy.


Here are the best natural alternatives of contraception:

1. Papaya – Papaya and papaya seeds have been used a method of birth control since ages. A papaya reduces the viability of the sperms and is used as a natural contraceptive in various cultures. Both men and women can consume the papaya and its seeds to increase the effect.
Tip – Consume a papaya right after the intercourse and continue to eat it at least twice a day for the next 3-4 days.

2. Dried Fig – Another popular natural contraceptive is fig. Dried fig is known to control birth and is a much sought after remedy. Figs also help in improving your blood circulation.
Tip – Consuming dried fig after intercourse is one of the most potent ways of birth control. Just eat 2-3 dried figs every day but take care not to overdo it since it can upset your stomach.

3. Dried apricots – This is a quick and easy way of preventing an unwanted pregnancy. Not only do they act as a measure of birth control in minor cases, but also help to control bleeding.
Tip – Boil 100 gms of dried apricots with 2 tablespoons each of water and honey for half an hour to get a homogenous mixture. Consume one cup of this concoction.

4. Indian lilac – Popularly known as Neem in Hindi, Indian lilac is known for its spermicidal action. It can be used in the form of neem oil, neem leaf extract and neem leaves. Neem reduces the ability of the sperms to reach the vagina and fertilize the ovum. The antiviral and antibiotic properties of neem also help to prevent sexually transmitted diseases.
Tip – Use neem oil to kill all the sperms in the vaginal area. Neem oil can also be injected in to the uterine horns. This helps to stop a woman from getting pregnant or as long as a year.



5. Vitamin C – The health benefits of Vitamin C are very well known but it is also one of the best known methods of birth control. Vitamin C obstructs the ability of the hormone progesterone from getting the uterus ready for the pregnancy. Vitamin C makes the vagina acidic and this makes it difficult for the sperms to thrive.

Tip – Just insert a Vitamin C tablet in to your vagina and it’s enough to do the trick. 1500 mg of pure Vitamin C tablet taken orally twice a day after intercourse is also good. If you did not take it immediately after intercourse, you can still take a dose of 3000 mg within five days of intercourse and it won’t cause any side effects.

6. Parsley – One of the most easily available herbs for preventing pregnancy is parsley. It is considered to be extremely effective and the biggest advantage of using this method of contraception is that it doesn’t have any side effects.
Tip – One can easily consume parsley in the form of herbal tea. One can also insert some fresh parsley leaves in to your vagina to avert birth.

7. Ginger root – Another common household ingredient that helps to prevent an unwanted pregnancy is ginger root.
Tip – Boil grated ginger with a cup of water and allow it to simmer for another five minutes. Strain the concoction and drink it like hot tea. Two cups of this hot ginger concoction ever day can help to prevent an unwanted pregnancy.

8. Pennyroyal – This is a herb that is known for its self-abortion quality. It is an emmenagogue that works as an abortifacient. Although it is very effective on its own, but it can also be used in combination with some other herbs.
Tip – Just consume 2-3 cups of pennyroyal herbal tea within six days of unprotected intercourse. You can also add a teaspoon of honey if you want.

9. Blue and Black Cohosh – Both these herbs increase the production of oxytocin and this results in contractions in the uterus and hence the pregnancy is prevented.
Tip – Just add a few bits of blue cohosh to a cup of boiling water and consume this as hot tea. Do not consume more than four cups of this tea per day.

10. Queen Anne’s lace – Wild carrot seeds have been used as a birth control remedy since a long time.
Tip – Wild carrot seeds don’t taste as bad. You can simply chew these directly. If however, you don’t like the taste, you can grind the seeds and soak these in a teaspoon of water. These seeds can then be taken once a day with plenty of water.

11. Stoneseed Root – Stoneseed root is extremely effective as a method of birth control. Inhaling the smoke of this plant helps to increase sterility.
Tip – Just put some stoneseed root in a cup of cold water and allow it to stand for a number of hours. Just drink this mixture for a period of six months.

12. Asafetida – This herb with a pungent smell also helps to induce abortion.
Tip – Just consume asafetida juice every month and then drink some plain water after that.

13. Cinnamon – Consuming cinnamon over a prolonged period of time helps to avoid an unwanted pregnancy. It stimulates the uterus and helps to induce an abortion and cause a miscarriage.


Use natural methods of birth control and enjoy your sex life to the fullest!

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