10 Alternatives Remedies to Keep Acne Away

Around 80 to 95 per cent of all teenagers suffer from mild to severe acne conditions at least once in their life. And in adults, women aged 24 and higher, have the highest risk of getting acne once in their lifetime. This raises concerns. If acne is the only result of a hyperactive sebum gland of an young, why adults beyond that age criteria still have equal propensity to suffer from this ailment?
Well, medical science has confirmed that, if parents, or some close relatives from your family had acne, this can increase your chances of getting this skin disease by 4 times  http://www.acneeinstein.com/genes-acne/]. Additionally, besides one’s family history, a person’s mental health and lifestyle have lot to do with this condition.

However, you can control acne if you just try to live life being a bit careful. If you’re unlucky to have this problem as a genetic disease, you should explicitly consider changing your lifestyle. Below you’ll find 10 tips for Indian’s to keep acne away.

Reduce Anxiety

According to Dermatology Times, anxiety is one of the core reasons for this severe skin condition. There is a significant association between anxiety and acne breakout. Meditation can help young adults calm down their mind and reduce tensions and stress. You can read books, or do whatever you like to make yourself comfortable and happy.

Ask for Help

If you’re too worried about your child’s acne condition, make time to sit and talk with him. You need to figure out what’s really causing this condition. Find out if your child is going through a mental trauma, anxiety or depression. Or, if he is eating too much bad things outside home?

Use Healthy Indian Herbs

What are the best Indian herbs that can settle a skin inflammation quickly? Turmeric, garlic, neem, aloe vera gel, mint leaves, etc. can be of great help. You will get them everywhere. Concentrate more on these herbs rather than expensive over the counter drugs.

Sleep Enough

Lack of sleep can be a precursor of tensions and anxiety. Do you feel tired even after waking up? Improve your quality of sleep. Practice meditation and breathing exercises to sleep good, even if you sleep for less hours. Try the 4-7-8 breathing exercise.

Cleanse Your System

You should keep your body clean, even internally. We inhale or consume a huge amount of toxins daily. Your body needs to get rid of such wastes and toxins to function optimally. So, try natural cleansing at home. Do fasting occasionally. Drink only vegetable soup and no solid food for once a week.

Exercise for Physical and Mental Health

Quality of life [http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4318060/] matters a lot here. Exercise increases blood flow. Physical activities help the body remove toxins and purify the blood. A more pure blood ensures better skin and hair. You can even eat raw turmeric early morning empty stomach.

Eat Less Meat and More Veggies

Your food habit will decide how fast you can control this skin condition. Dr. Mercola recommends stop eating gluten and grains [http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2014/06/16/food-causing-acne.aspx] to keep acne away. Also, reduce eating sugar and sugary foods as much as you can. Instead, eat more green vegetables to have the necessary minerals and vitamins.

Drink Water to Hydrate

Drink water to help the body regenerate new cells and replace the damaged ones that acne bacteria cause. Drinking water will also keep the body hydrate and eliminate the wastes.

Style Attentively

You need to be extra cautious about the products you use for your hair and skin. Remember, acne can spread and get severe due to chemical reaction to inflammation. Check with your dermatologists to know if you can apply any product to your face or acne prone body areas.

Have More Omega 3 and Vitamin D

Omega 3 and vitamin D are two very essential elements that can keep acne away. Vitamin D improves immune system and can help the body fight the inflammatory condition. And omega 3 is excellent for skin health.
Do your best to protect your skin from acne breakout. Above are the best precautionary tips that you should follow to allow your body be healthy and have an acne free skin.

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